Human Development & Charitable Society values and encourages community participation. We recognize the importance of your support and contributions. There are many ways that individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations can get involved.
Volunteers:  Human Development & Charitable Society aims to build a strong community network of volunteers and give them the necessary training to have a strong and meaningful contribution .Human Development & Charitable Society comprehensive volunteer program is currently in development. We will be seeking volunteers who are professionally skilled in educational, vocational, and recreational training. Please email:  for more information.
Donations:  Human Development & Charitable Society welcomes donations. For any donation inquiries, please contact us at
Sponsorship:  Human Development & Charitable Society has opportunities for individuals, groups and corporations to get involved through our sponsorship programs. Our programs support Social Responsibility Initiatives of companies and corporations. Please contact us directly at
Events: Individuals, groups, and companies are encouraged to participate in Human Development & Charitable Society events. Both preparation and attendance are welcome. Please contact at

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