We have a vision of making our society clean and green. Everyone knows the importance of trees in purifying air, as natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance, preventing soil erosion, as medicines, habitats for faunal species, providing nutrients to the soil, etc. Another well known fact is that our country’s population is increasing continuously; on the contrary trees are reducing to a great extent. Since they are considered to be the backbone of the environment, therefore we have to motivate the society to plant more trees.  

Our NGO initiates its 1st plantation project for Udaipur. Initially decided to plant a minimum of 1000 (One Thousand) trees and to nurture them.

Donation Details                                                                                                                       Break-Up Cost in(INR)
Cost of Plant (Neem, Kalpvraksh)                                                                                                6.00
Fertilizer                                                                                                                                              7.00
Labor For plantation                                                                                                                        3.00
Water For irrigation (7-8 ltr per day)                                                                                        1.00 
Administrative Expenses                                                                                                               3.00
Fencing( Height 6 Ft.)                                                                                                                    480.00
Total INR (For Single Plantation)                                                                                       500.00



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